API Standard Pump OH2 – UCW (KESS)

API Standard Pump OH2 – UCW (KESS)

The UCW (KESS) is an API OH2 type process pump with Centerline support. This pump with a heavy-duty design ensures high reliability and efficiency during stringent operating conditions. It is manufactured as per API 610. The back pullout feature ensures swift dismantling and assembly. The range covers a pump head of 380 m with a discharge pressure of up to Cl. 600#. Nozzle orientation as the end-top and top-top, the direction of rotation is clockwise from the coupling end. The UCW (KESS) pump is suitable for applications in oil refineries and petrochemical industries, and chemical and allied industries. The pump is designed to have maximum parts interchangeability.

Max Head:Up to 380 m Max capacity:Up to 1920 m3/hr

  • The pump is designed and manufactured as per API 610 standard
  • The pump is designed with heavy-duty Centerline support to ensure high reliability under stringent operating conditions
  • Its Back pullout pump design permits removal of the complete rotating element without disturbing suction/discharge piping and driver
  • Some optional features include steam jacketed casing and Inducer to improvise NPSH R
  • The UCW (KESS) family is designed to have maximum interchangeable parts.
  • A variety of materials of construction and seal flushing plans are available to cater to a wide range of applications.

  • Oil Refineries & Petrochemical processes
  • Chemical & Allied industries
  • Can cater to BFW Circulation and as a Reverse Osmosis Booster.

Parameters UCW` (KESS)
Capacity (m3/hr) Up to 1920
Head (m) Up to 380
Range ℃
-104 to 450


Discharge Pressure Up to Cl. 600 #
Suction Pressure kg/cm2(g) Up to 80
Nozzle Orientation (Suc./Dis.) End-Top & Top-Top
Standard Motor Synchronous Speeds (rpm) 1500 / 1800 / 3000 / 3600
Max. Operating Speed (rpm) 3600
Direction of Rotation Clockwise when viewed from coupling end
Flange Ratings Cl. 300 / 600