NON API Pump – BFW Pump – MSS (KBSL)

NON API Pump – BFW Pump – MSS (KBSL)

We have successfully delivered over 1000 high pressure pumps to various power plants, RO plants as well DM water applications as required in various industries.

Max Head:Up to 580 (MSS) Max capacity:Up to 325 (MSS) m3/hr

  • Design and Manufacturing as per international standards
  • Multistage pump with ring section diffuser casing design with foot-mounted casing suitable for low-pressure requirements
  • The pump family is designed to have maximum parts for interchangeability
  • Pump available with suction / Discharge nozzles with side / Top or TOP / Top orientation

  • Low-Pressure boiler feed applications.
  • Low-pressure applications in water treatment plants.
  • Low-pressure applications in light chemical plants.
  • Reverse osmosis application

Parameters MSS (KBSL)
Capacity @ BEP m3/hr Up to 325 (MSS)
Head (m) Up to 580 (MSS)

Range °C

-5 to 165


Discharge Pressure Up to Cl.600#
Suction Pressure kg/cm2(g) Up to 14
Nozzle Orientation (Suc./Dis.) Top-top & Side-top
Standard Motor Synchronous Speeds (rpm) 3000/3600
Max. Operating Speed (rpm) 3600
Direction of Rotation Clockwise when viewed from coupling end
Flange Ratings (#RF)  Up to CL. 600