API Standard Pump VS4 – KVS4

API Standard Pump VS4 – KVS4

KVS4 is an API VS4 type process pump with a vertical, separate discharge line. This pump comes with a pit/tank mounted design. It is manufactured as per API 610, suitable to align with standard motors. The range covers a pump head of 225m. The pump offers a discharge pressure of up to Cl. 300#. With nozzle orientation at the bottom-top, the direction of rotation is clockwise when viewed from the coupling end. The KVS4 pump is suitable for applications in petrochemical industries, pit/sump applications, drain and amine applications, etc.

Max Head:Up to 225 m Max capacity:Up to 750 m3/hr

  • The pump is designed and manufactured as per API 610 standard.
  • The Vertical Separate discharge line, Pit / Tank-mounted design feature ensures reliable operation under critical suction conditions.
  • Offers Quick and easy removal and reassembly.
  • Comes with a Simple vapour seal at the top plate to prevent leakage / API Single or Double Mechanical seal / Gland Packing option also available.
  • Available at a lower cost than VS1 to perform the same duties.
  • Available with Semi-open impeller option for handling solids.

  • Petrochemical industries
  • Pit/Sump applications
  • Drain applications
  • Amine applications

Capacity @ BEP m3/hr Up to 750
Head (m) Up to 225 m

Range oC

-104 to 300


Discharge Pressure rating Up to Cl. 300 #
Suction Pressure kg/cm2(g) Up to 40
Nozzle Orientation (Suc./Dis.) Bottom – Top
Standard Motor Synchronous Speeds (rpm) 1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 1800 / 3000 / 3600
Max. Operating Speed (rpm) 3600
Direction of Rotation Clockwise when viewed from the coupling end
Flange Ratings (#RF) Cl. 300