Saturated Steam Turbines (SST)

Saturated Steam Turbines (SST)

ECO-TUR is a single-stage back pressure as well as condensing turbine used in small combined heat and power plants, process plants and decentralised power plants. It uses waste steam to produce electric power which reduces the cost of operations and increases the revenue.  KEPL strives to maintain its quality by providing highly engineered Eco-Tur. Our steam turbines can cater for Safe as well as Hazardous areas of operation.

Max Head:Up to 35 Max capacity:3000 kW m3/hr

  • The steam impinges on the rotor blades resulting in a torque that turns the generator thereby producing electricity. The turbine casing and rotor assembly manufacturing follows precise material selection to ensure high reliability
  • The Eco-Tur uses a highly efficient low-voltage Induction Generator for power generation. The Induction generators require negligible maintenance. These are manufactured as per KEPL specifications and are optimised for a specific power range.
  • The control and protection unit is in-built with all necessary monitoring functions and a touch screen for display. It also may be fitted with a Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) for networking with an existing system.
  • The Eco-Tur is mounted entirely on a single base plate with all the necessary accessories like gear, generator, lubrication unit, control and protection unit as well as a circuit breaker

  • Process Plants
  • Waste Heat Recovery Units
  • Small Combined Heat and Power Plants
  • Decentralised Power Plants

Parameters ECO-TUR P ECO-TUR E
Inlet Steam Pressure upto 63 bar* upto 25 bar
Inlet Steam Temperature upto 450 Deg C Dry Saturated Steam Temp
Exhaust Steam Pressure upto 25 bar* upto 6 bar
Power Output 10 – 1000 kW ** 10 – 600 kW **