API Standard Pump BB4 – SS(KBSH)/SSD (KBDH)

API Standard Pump BB4 – SS(KBSH)/SSD (KBDH)

The SS (KBSH) / SSD (KBDH) s an API BB4 type pump with ring section diffuser casing design and centerline supported heavy-duty to offer excellent performance in high-pressure operations. It is manufactured as per company standards but it also meets API(American Petroleum Institute) 610. The SS/SSD pumps come with a pump head of 2500 m with an option of upgrading to a higher capacity and head for operations at higher speeds, The pumps operate at a discharge pressure of up to Cl. 2500 #, with nozzle orientation at side-top and top-top. The direction of rotation is clockwise from the coupling end. The SS/SSD pump is suitable for applications in high-pressure boiler water feed applications, water treatment plants, and mine drainage applications. The pump is designed to have maximum parts with interchangeability.

Max Head:Upto 2500 Max capacity:Up to 720 m3/hr

  • Design and manufactured as per company standard but can meet API 610 requirements as well.
  • Multistage pump with ring section diffuser casing design with centerline support to meet high temperature and high-pressure application, especially in BFW application
  • Specially designed to meet high performance for superior and extended low-cost operations.
  • Easy inspection and repair maintenance of bearings and mechanical seal after removal of coupling spacer only.
  • A First stage impeller with double suction is provided in SSD (KBDH) models to improvise NPSH R performance

  • High-pressure boiler feedwater applications.
  • High-pressure mine drainage applications
  • High-pressure applications in water treatment plants.
  • Pump as hydraulic power recovery turbine in water treatment plants

Parameters SS  (KBSH) / SSD (KBDH)
Capacity (m3/hr) Up to 720


Head (m) Up to 2500



Range ℃

-5 to 200


Discharge Pressure Up to Cl. 1500 #
Suction Pressure kg/cm2(g) Up to 10 for gland packed pumps

Up to 20 for pumps with mechanical seal

Nozzle Orientation (Suc./Dis.) Top-Top & Side-Top
Standard Motor Synchronous Speeds (rpm) 3000 / 3600
Max. Operating Speed (rpm) 7000
Direction of Rotation Clockwise when viewed from coupling end
Flange Ratings (#RF) CL. 300 / 600 /900 / 1500 / 1500


Note: 1 More higher capacity and head is possible when pumps are operated at higher speeds